Perth Painters – Getting ready for Summer

by admin on November 10, 2011

With summer right around the corner, now is a great time to start planning your home painting project, and Perth Painters is happy to help. While most paint requires the weather to be steadily above a certain temperature for proper adhesion, warm days and direct sunlight bring with them a whole new set of painting challenges. Following these tips for painting in warm weather will not only improve the appearance of your final project, but will also help keep you safe.

The ideal temperature for exterior painting is about 21 Celsius with 50 percent humidity. Watch the forecast and try to plan your painting project for days matching this weather pattern. The other challenge is that surfaces heat up quickly. If the surface you are painting is considerably warmer than the surrounding air, your paint is not going to cure properly, resulting in wrinkles and bumps.

1. Avoid painting in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Track the movement of the sun around your house and plan your painting schedule to follow that path. If you try to paint when it is hot and you are in direct sun, you will find that the paint dries on the paintbrush and you will have almost no opportunity to work the wet end.

2. Use a paint conditioner. This will prevent the paint from drying too quickly, giving you more options. Paint conditioners are available through your local hardware store.

3. If you have no choice but to paint in direct sunlight, use an airless paint sprayer.

4. Make sure your surfaces are well-prepped. High heat can cause surfaces to flex and warp. Especially keep an eye on the bottom three feet, since morning dew can collect there. Early morning is the best time to check for cracks and caulking.

5. Working out in the sun isn’t just hard on the paint; it is hard on your body too! Take frequent breaks, stay well-hydrated and reapply sun screen on a regular basis.

6. Store your paint and supplies in a cooler area out of direct sunlight to avoid creating a fire hazard.

7. Choose paint from well-known and reputable brands. The higher-quality paint will result in a much better appearance.

For the best results, contact a professional painting team. Gavin O’Sullivan, owner of O’Sullivan Perth Painters, will be happy to talk to you about your summer painting project. Call him with any questions!

Perth Residential Painting

by admin on June 7, 2011

We specialise in residental painting and regularly paint houses from top to bottom, inside and out.
We have sound local experience when it comes to using the appropriate materials and paints for the West Australian climate.
We can take all the hassle out of picking up your chosen paint,  we’ll do it for you and we might even save you some money by ensuring you dont buy what you dont need.
We can advise you on the best course of action for your Perth Residential Painting project, we offer a free quote service and you can call on 0415 385 501

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House Painters Perth

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