Perth House Painters – Learning Safety Tips On Painting Materials and Equipment From The Experts

by admin on June 6, 2011

Knowing how to paint your house is not all there is to house painting. What matters most is knowing how to paint safely so that the house residents are assured of safe and comfortable living quarters.

Painting adds beauty to your house but it should also protect people’s health and the environment. The materials and equipment to be used should adhere to established safety measures. Let’s revisit some of the basic painting safety tips on the handling of paint materials and equipment from the experts themselves:

The paint and other materials

Generally, the two factors to be considered when choosing paint are the type and colour of the paint. Paints may either be alkyd which is oil-based or latex which is water-based. They come in varieties of colours, shades, tones, schemes and endless combinations. Painters know best where paints and painting are concerned. This is why seasoned professional Perth house painters should be hired to do sizable house painting projects that involve big budgets. They are the experts when it comes to matching the type of paint to a specific surface to be painted. They are up to date with current painting style and colour trends.

Besides being able to beautify your home, the paint you choose should be safe for your family’s health and the environment. Aware of the health and environmental effects of paint chemicals, paint manufacturers are finding ways to produce paint products that are free from or at least have reduced amounts of toxic substances commonly known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Concentrated amounts of VOCs are highly hazardous to people and the environment. Consult your Perth house painter to help you understand the instructions, specifications and chemical components of paint products like ammonia, thinners and bonding materials.

The ladder and other equipment

The ladder is an indispensable equipment for painters. To ensure stability and minimize risks, a lot of common sense is the best tip. From setting your ladder to a steady position to knowing the right climbing techniques, extreme caution should be observed to prevent accidents. Make sure that ladder hooks, straps and levelers are firmly set in place to ensure stability and a good balance. Your ladder should be pitched safely at 75 degrees to stand on solid footing. A ladder that leans too close to straight is unstable while a ladder that leans too much may cause it to slip back. Keeping you ladder clean from oil, grease, frayed ropes and tangled objects will prevent slipping when climbing. The work area below and around the ladder should also be free from sharp tools, objects and even people to minimize injuries in case accidental falls happen. Never leave leaning ladders unattended and always dismantle and put them away after use.

Other painting tools that should be safely handled are paintbrushes, rollers and sprays. When opting for paint sprays, the house painter should use masks, goggles and respirators especially for big painting projects. Sharp painting tools such as broad knives, putty knives, hammers, nails, paint scrapers, pliers, scissors and screwdrivers should be kept out of reach of children.

Enhancing the overall appearance of a house is the main objective of house painting. Equally important is the safe handling of painting materials and equipment to ensure healthy and happy people and a clean environment


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