Unique Interior Painting Ideas To Brighten Up A Room

by admin on May 31, 2011

Brightening up a room or any living space does not have to be expensive. A fresh coat of paint on certain parts of a room for accent or contrast without painting the whole space is an inexpensive option in creating style to a room. A room can be transformed from boring to exciting by simply changing the paint or style of painting of the ceiling, the wall or a fixture.

There are many simple but unique painting ideas that can make a huge impact on your room and some of them are:

• Changing the color of the walls. Changing the color of your walls will give the room a refreshed look, creating an entirely new space for you. You can refashion your room into a cozy adult space by painting it with subtle and sophisticated shades that appeal to the senses and your general well-being. Another unique idea is to add a mural to a plain wall for accent. This will make the room come alive and project a unique mood in the room. Wallpaper is a versatile alternative to wall painting.

• Repainting the moldings. The moldings are dainty accessories that add beauty to walls and ceilings. Without changing whole walls or ceilings, the moldings can be made to appear new by repainting them with a contrasting color or a monochromatic but darker shade.

• Giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover. You can give a new look to an old kitchen by refinishing your kitchen cabinets with matte or high gloss paint. A metallic finish on your kitchen cabinet will create a breath-taking focal point in your kitchen, a subtle effect with dazzling look.

• Repainting window sills. Window sills are one of the most neglected parts of a house but given a good makeover, they can stand out to brighten a room or the whole house. Window sills, if attractively painted, are charming accents of windows from both inside and outside views.

• Refinishing fireplace mantels. Fireplaces are old time favorites of many houses though not as the main heating system but as a centerpiece in any living space. They are as varied as the houses they occupy and their style range from the simple to the ornate. Refinishing your fireplace with new paint and a new color scheme gives a refreshing mood to an otherwise old room.

• Brightening up the ceiling. After 4 or 5 years, ceilings do fade or darken due to kitchen or heating unit smoke. Painting your ceiling with a fresh coat of paint will bring back life into your room. Neutral shades are safe to use on ceilings because they blend easily with most colors.

Picking the right colors to brighten up a room is not easy as it seems. It needs a lot of planning and discernment in order to create a perfect combination in relation to the overall theme of the room or the whole house. There is no single formula for a perfect combination but the foregoing unique painting ideas do add color and life to a room if done with the right color scheme.


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