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by admin on June 6, 2011

Many homeowners still prefer wood sidings for the exterior of their houses. Cement, vinyl, metal and aluminum sidings are more durable and less expensive but people still regard wood as a symbol of elegance and class.  We’ve provided some tips below to help you with your own house painting Perth project.

Aside from enhancing how a house looks from the outside, sidings have a crucial role in house building. They should be able to protect a house from the elements like heavy rains, strong winds, scorching sunlight or other naturally disastrous weather conditions. Thus, wood sidings need to be seasoned well when used as house exterior walls. The painter hired to do the painting project should also be able to determine seasoned from unseasoned wood siding so that he will be able know the right type of paint and procedure to apply.

The paint applicator and other basic supplies

Painting can be applied by spraying, roller brushing or paintbrushing and they all have their own advantages. For wood surfaces, paintbrush works best especially for the prime coat because the thin bristles of the brush help embed the coat and paint between the wood grains. Basic supplies needed are paintbrushes, ladders, planks, ropes, drop cloths, sand papers, masking tape and paper, paint buckets, paint can opener, stir sticks and other woodwork tools. Hats, sunscreens, sunglasses and first aid kit are also necessary personal needs.


The primer is the primary bond that makes the paint stick to the wood siding surface. Generally, new or bare wood is very absorbent and will absorb a lot of paint during it s first painting. Thus, quality primer is as important as quality paint in order to achieve quality finish and save on paint.

The painting process

Painting starts at the top. Overhangs, eaves, runners and fascia boards are the first to go. Horizontal siding should be painted with horizontal strokes while vertical siding should be painted with vertical strokes until a strip is finished in order to avoid lap marks especially for glossy paints. Lap marks happen when dry paint overlaps with wet paint. Hence, it is important not to leave off for a break until a whole strip is finished. Corner boards, moldings and window casings can be done before or after the sidings.

Applying the finish paint

The procedure for applying the finish paint is basically the same as that of applying the first coat, that is uniform horizontal or vertical strokes. During this stage, paint in an open paint bucket tends to thicken and it may be necessary to thin the paint to a desired mixture but make sure not to over thin it. Depending on the type of paint and the weather condition, recoating or applying the finish paint follows a recommended timeframe, which may be from 2 hours up to 24 hours or even a few days more in order to prevent wrinkling. There are, however, some types of paint, like many glossy paints, that tend to peel off when recoated beyond the recommended period.

Wood sidings for house exteriors are a sight to admire and be proud of only if the right primer, the right paint and the right procedure were used by the right painter

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